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Title: Our everyday lives have become chaotic.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Our everyday lives have become  chaotic.  It’s easy to feel worn down when dissociation exhaustion starts to throw our daily existence of...

Our everyday lives have become

 It’s easy to feel worn down when dissociation exhaustion starts to throw our daily existence off balance.

Within each of us lies the power to separate ourselves from the confusion of dissociation by harnessing a higher level of consciousness and peace known as our meditation level.

Whether you’re looking to merely slow down and relax, or achieve a greater sense of consciousness throughout the day, here’s a list of five quick ways you can find your inner happiness and tranquility anytime, anywhere.
Be Mindful with Meditation

Do you find your mind clouded with thoughts? Do you dwell on worries a little too much throughout the day? Opt for a healthy dose of letting go meditation
 by setting aside some valuable meditation time to unleash our child hidden within whenever stress begins to hinder our obtainment of a peaceful mind.

Start off by finding an interior relaxing spot free from any distractions or worries. Close our eyes and take a breath through our nostrils. Release the air through our mouth and repeat the process while concentrating solely on our body and mind.

Meditation not only puts your mind at ease but also boosts your overall mental and physical health. Mindfulness helps beat depression, strengthen your immune system, and decrease the total amount of stress that hinders your ability to achieve higher levels of happiness every day.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

In our current technologically driven age of endless screens, devices and increasingly advanced machinery, it’s sometimes easy to feel overwhelmed throughout the day. But while the world may seem bustling, and technology is now an essential part of our everyday lives, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a reality in nature.

There’s no better way to find a sense of child within and mindfulness than by immersing ourselves in natural surroundings. Vow to explore a new park or lake at least once a week to remind ourself of the beauty of the natural world. Nature is majestic and relaxing, and a quick look at the splendor of the environment shows you that you can achieve the same level of tranquility too.

Stretch Your Muscles Yoga-Style

Nothing helps put us into our child withins presence quite like a session of tension-relieving meditation. This helps us get one stage closer to strengthening both our body and mind.

Setting aside the time to stretch our muscles in a relaxing environment strengthens our physique and our awareness.

Dedicate a half hour to an hour of our time every day to a personal practice , our mind and body will thank us for it.

Brew a Glass of Green Tea

The next time we find ourselves tempted to swig back a bottle of soda, consider swapping our sugary beverage for a refreshing glass of green tea instead.

Drinking a hot cup of tea is an act full of relaxation, but that’s not all. The components in our warm drink may just hold the key to calming us down when we most need it as well. The leaves in green teas possess high levels of L-Theanine, a chemical associated with lower levels of anger and stress.

Whenever we need to find our peace spot, pour a freshly brewed pot of green tea into our favourite coffee mug or cup. Sit back, relax, and take a soothing sip of this feel-good drink as a sense of peaceful content ensues.
Remember to Pause

Finding our peace spot may just be a matter of slowing down throughout the day. If we find ourself regularly on the go, hurriedly rushing from one place to the next, peace may seem like just a dream, not a reality.

Rushing around is one of the top causes of stress and can make us feel less productive throughout the day. Remember to set aside at least half an hour each day to pause and reflect. Consider jotting down our thoughts in a journal to put our worries onto paper.

By setting aside this time to stop and contemplate, we’ll find that achieving a sense of ease throughout the day is not only obtainable but simple.

Remember that the key to achieving our perfect elle can be as simple as slowing down and taking a moment to reflect on our life throughout the day. While stressful moments can be an everyday part of existence, that doesn’t mean they have to be an inevitable component of our life too.

With these peace-inducing meditations in mind, you can unleash our child within whenever we need a moment to pause, think, and obtain a much-needed sense of peace. Treat every breath of every day like a release from dissociation, and it will soon feel much more like ones passport back into reality!


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