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Title: Meditation One Vision Quest Meeting the childwithin the gateway
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Three Week advanced meditation course try for a short time of your choosing every two days in quiet seclusion tell no one. Consciousness c...

Three Week advanced meditation course try for a short time of your choosing every two days in quiet seclusion tell no one.

Consciousness can flow into us, if there is the will and capacity to receive it, the ability to maintain it, and the understanding to nurture it. The idea is to find the child within, whether this be assisted by religious beliefs, mentors, guides, intuition, or by inner reflection. The aim is for us to become more loving, compassionate, tolerant, patient, forgiving, understanding and content, by following a new way of conscious thinking; the means by which one achieves this is not important.It is always a reverse journey a journey backwards towards our source.

Child Within growth is obtained by aligning with inner thoughts and feelings. One should set the intention to become aware, whilst understanding that we
 are a unique creation within the completeness of the whole.

This is the first method we tried the child the dot and the mirror.

Gazing into a mirror, what is it that you see? You see a reflection of the person others see when they look at you. If the mirror should shatter you would then see not just one, but many reflections of yourself in the fragments.

This is the first method we tried
 the child the dot and the mirror.We need to go back before the knowledge of self to before the original building block before the dot.

The child’s knowledge about the self continues to develop as the child grows. By age 2, the infant becomes aware of his or her gender as a boy or a girl. At age 4, self-descriptions are likely to be based on physical features, such as one’s hair colour, and by about age 6, the child is able to understand basic emotions and the concepts of traits, being able to make statements such as “I am a nice person”

So the original contemplation was to make the dot in the middle of the forehead disappear.So we return to a stage before consciousness. Before the main effects of the world before first contact do not worry we are not going to stay long its just a first point an alpha point.It has no secret meaning.We do this in our mind we accept the dot disappearing the release of our consciousness.We do not have to deal with first contact....we think as a newcomer.

We become one with our Source the childwithin and one with all of our surroundings. This becomes our starting point for our four meditations and contemplations we become our ground zero.We have to relax into this idea play with it like a helium ballon let it bounce and move without effort. We are not our physical body, but rather the child hidden within. By denying the dot, you can access the real Child, the Child Consciousness. It is very possible its about our relationship its our starting out point.To be able to participate in the future Meditations please subscribe to free subscription.


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