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Title: There are three time zones each of us deal with at the stages: past, present and future.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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There are three time zones each of us deal with at the stages: past, present and future. How well you navigate your relationship with thes...

There are three time zones each of us deal with at the stages: past, present and future.

How well you navigate your relationship with these three time zones greatly determines the quality of your life.

If you have a crappy relationship with your past?

Well you drag it into your present and your future.

If you have a crappy relationship with the present?

You go to the past and the future and never quite get things grounded.

And what if you have a crappy relationship with the future?

Well – that is just a formula for anxiety.

Trust me, We are well associated with each time zone. Each has created stress, anxiety and regret. But – when we make peace with these time zones, we begin to live the life we really want.

For this blog, I just want to focus on the future.

Here are some of the ways I deal with anxiety about the future.

1. Look for evidence that all your needs are met.
Look around right now. You are alive. You are breathing. You have everything you need to survive. Remembering that I am okay right now – that’s a biggie.

2. Calm your mind.
There is biochemistry to anxiety. Much of our anxiety is in our brain. Take 10-20 minutes to meditate. If you don’t think you have time or you are too stressed to meditate – then you definitely need to do it.

3. Move
Nothing calms me more than Yoga Find a local class or head on over to for amazing classes on the internet. Get to the gym. Move your body. This produces endorphins and helps you feel better. Sometimes all you need is a good old fashion sweat.

4. Get your diet right
When I eat too much sugar, gluten or inflammatory foods – it’s hard for me to remain in a positive and healthy mindset. Food has a major effect on how we feel. Take out: all non-raw dairy, gluten and sugar. You might detox for a couple days, but you’ll feel better. Also – up your greens and get in 32 oz of green juice per day.

5. Drink water
Being dehydrated is not good for your system. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day.

6. Create a vision board
We can forget what we want. When you have a vision board it helps to remind you of your goals each and every day.

7. Surround yourself with positive people.
You can tell how far you go in life based on the expectations of your peer group. When you have awesome friends, people who lift you up – this can help with your future tripping.

8. Get a stages guide.
Get someone you can tell the truth to. Someone who can give you expert advice and a mature perspective on your life. Every successful athlete or individual has coaches and mentors that can see their blind spots.

9. Get grateful.
When you focus on the things that you are already grateful for – you see more things to be grateful for. This can be huge. Many times we future trip because we are only thinking about the bad or negative stuff. Train your mind to also look for what’s going well and what you can be grateful for.

11. Surrender it all
Trust that you whole life is organised and arranged by contact with your child within. Surrender the outcome. Know that things are happening perfectly. And even though they may not make sense right now – it will. Just take one stage. Don’t worry about the whole journey.  Trust the process.

12. Take courageous action
Many time we are stressed about the future because we know there are things we can be doing now. But many times those things really scare us. Get courageous and take action. Courageous action is the name of the game.

I hope these have helped you understand how you can stop future tripping.


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