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Title: Guided Meditations across the North Yorks Moors in a Jeep a modern pilgrims progress
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Quiet a while ago I had a persistent dream. Long and at that time very confusing.It started with these words..." Let the  children co...
Quiet a while ago I had a persistent dream. Long and at that time very confusing.It started with these words..."Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children."  a guided meditation can be a powerful way to encourage visualisation and deeper meditation. Better yet, seek out a teacher. Guided meditations will help you set your intention for what you want to work on, from dealing with trauma to fulfilling dreams, getting rid of bad habits, etc.This I and a number of friends did crossing the often wild North Yorks Moors in all sorts of weather for the next eighteen months a motley crew of ex hells angels, hare krishna priest and a social psychologist in an open jeep.

Guided meditations can often be found free through many different apps. Another option is brain wave music, which moves the hemispheres of the brain into alpha, delta and theta states, which help to de-program old thought patterns.We chose Tibetan Buddhist Monks in a victorian library in an old victorian resort
We became Consistent in our search for meditation willing to listen.

The more frequent you practice, the better. Find the time of day that resonates with you most and stick to it. Want to complement your practice even more? Restorative meditation is incredibly beneficial for relaxation and pain control.

Accessing our subconscious can help change your harmful thought patterns and take you out of feeling like you’re living life on autopilot. With a regular practice, you’ll enjoy a new sense of well-being, passion and purpose.This was a long time in coming to fruition.

In our day-to-day lives, we're constantly in an alert, conscious state of mind. In the beta state, our brains are very active as we navigate through the day, sometimes feeling like we are on autopilot as we form our experiences. In this active beta state, our brain is over-stimulated, which in yoga is often referred to as "the monkey mind." Here, everything comes to us as doubts, fears, to-dos, emotions, and it can really cloud our minds and trains of thought.

Studies have shown that in our conscious state, we're only using between 1 and 5 percent of our brain’s resources. So if we're only functioning at 1 to 5 percent, how are we really living our lives with true purpose? Where's the other 95 to 99 percent?

The answer is found in our powerful subconscious, where the alpha, delta and theta states provide us with calm, deep relaxation and dreamlike states. The subconscious is where the magic happens, and where the imagination is stored. This state is where we can de-program our thought processes of doubt and fear, and where we tap into our authentic self without the judgment and criticism of our conscious state interfering.

 The subconscious mind "ultimately casts the deciding vote" on how much abundance, happiness and success you will experience.  The subconscious is "one million times more powerful" than our conscious mind.

My experience with my own subconscious state was in a guided meditation with a female buddhist monk. She had us sit on the ground  as she guided us through. I remember how calm and peaceful I felt; it was a definite breakthrough from my normal, conscious experience that stayed with me all these years. I felt like I was on an amazing adventure through time and space.

Over the coming years, I’m grateful to have developed the skill of "tapping in" through mindfulness. I’ve found mindfulness to be even deeper and more powerful than hypnosis. My research led me to discover that masters, scientists, mystic and motivational speakers all refer to the subconscious as "where it’s at" to transform old thought patterns and bad habits. All of these great thinkers, from ancient times to modern times, know just how powerful tapping into our subconscious can be to access the greatness within.


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